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How to Follow

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Business Model

All posts are free for all subscribers.

I am fortunate enough that making a supplemental income through my hobbies is not a necessity for me.

However, I do have an ego, and it does not get boosted very often these days. People actually paying me for my hard work definitely boosts my little ego. So, if you have the money and the desire, then please do choose a paying subscription, provide a one-time tip through PayPal, or visit my Store Page for items I have for sale.

Sending me a polite, well-thought, sincere letter does wonders for my ego, too. Just F.Y.I. ;-)

Where to Find Me

|| Deer Me Comic || Sharpclaw Comic || Snarkclaw Art ||

Deer Me Comic has the full comic archive, including the latest comic pages.

About Deer Me

A comic about a trio of roommates and the hassles that they lovingly cause each other. Happiness is annoying your friends.

“Deer Me” is a slice-of-life comic that features friendships, furries, romance, and the lighter side of looking at the dark side of everything.

Sharpclaw Comic has the full comic archive, including the latest comic pages.

About Sharpclaw

A fantasy comic featuring fairy tales and furry tails.

Themes and references include "Snow White And Rose Red," "Little Red Riding Hood," "Rumpelstiltskin," "Rapunzel," "Cinderella," and many others, but in an original story, rather than an adaptation of any particular tale.

Snarkclaw Art has art, photographs, news or other updates, links, and the best ways to reach me.

|| Deer Me Comic || Sharpclaw Comic || Snarkclaw Art ||